Vint Cerf on the BBC

Vint CerfI listen to Radio 4 veraciously and I always tune in to their morning news programme, Today.

Recently two things have really annoyed me about the show. The first is the noise of people typing in the background as interviews take place. Are you listening or typing – you can’t do both!

The second and admittedly less grumpy reason, is John Humphrys’ increasingly oblique and monotopic questioning style.

So it was great to here Vint Cerf , Godfather of the Internet, interviewed today and respond in such a measured, informed and sensible way to and increasingly redundant set of questions from the Humphrys.

Vint has put the cat amongst the pigeons by, apparently, declaring TV dead in his speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. But on the Today programme, he was talking about regulation of the Internet versus freedom of speech. A topic that some may rightly question him on given his position with Google and their track record. But given that some of the points raised could have been batted around all day, I was impressed by how clear he kept his points.

My favorite ‘quote’ of the interview was a point he made about the internet being a reflection of society (one of those that could become a long debate). On regulating the internet to stop bad behavior in society, he replied (and I paraphrase): When you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. You don’t regulate the mirror. You do something about that which is reflected in it.

Have a listen via the BBC listen again service (may not be available to some)

Slow posting ahead


I’ve been away again. This time to do a bit of the fringe at Edinburgh – Great fun.

I’m straight in to more training and prep for my courses in September so posting may be a little lighter than usual.

In the meantime here is something completly unrelated. Saw a band called Wildes Holz at the fringe.

According to a review in the Herald:

The trio’s unlikely versions of Billie Jean, The Final Countdown and Born to Be Wild, complete with Reisige leaping from the stage to land on his knees on the floor while soloing like a guitar god, only tell part of the story

Why unlikely?  Tobias Reisige is a recorder player.

Mika Brzezinski and that script

I’ve been a bit ‘old media’ this week so had to wait till Saturday before I saw the story about Mika Brzezinski’s on screen antics in the Guardian.

In case you haven’t seen it:

All good fun.

But just out of interest (all right, I got fed up with waiting for it to download and clicked around) I had a look at some of the other versions of the clip from Celeb TV

A voice over that makes me realise that some people still don’t get the web.

I got all the context I needed from other sources. I knew what was going on before I went to you tube. But still I get a ‘say what you see’ script. I know it may reflect the level of CelebTV rather than a general approach. But watch and learn how it should never be done.

Still waiting for answers

A week or so ago I found out that newsroom leaders where asking big questions.

According to Poynter these are the questions that 192 online newsroom leaders are going to try and answer over the next three days at one of their seminars.

Well it seems that, even if we go on working days, they haven’t managed to come up with any answers yet.

Is there going to be any white smoke soon I wonder.