Channel 4 and ITN sign new deal

Channel 4 have signed a new five-year contract with ITN for production of Channel 4 News up to the end of 2010, that will see the news service extend its new media operations. ( )

Mark Wood, chief executive of ITN, said the deal “creates a framework for developing many new ways of delivering Channel 4 News content to our audiences across all platforms in a rapidly changing digital world.”

Amongst the usual stuff they are promising is the resurrection of its General Election service, Factcheck.

Before, during and after the upcoming general election campaign, Channel 4 FactCheck will provide the most reliable analysis of what the political parties and their leaders are saying.

The site will scrutinise interviews, speeches and manifesto pledges – informing public debate by creating a popular resource for an information-hungry electorate. was the original fact checking website. Launched in 2003 FactCheck enjoyed widespread acclaim during the US elections with its unbiased scrutiny of the accuracy of political speeches, interviews and press releases.

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