Online publishing skills shortage

Here are some interesting snippets from an article on netimperative (yes, I have spent some time there today.)

The AOP Census 2006, the latest membership survey from the UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP), reveals that 74% of AOP members reported having unfilled vacancies in January 2006, compared with 58% in 2005.

…In addition to identifying the skills currently in demand, the research goes on to predict which skills will be important in two to three years time. More than half of respondents (53%) mentioned sales and marketing and 40% anticipated that technical/design skills will increase in importance

And many people in journalism education and in the industry still wonder why this digital stuff is important.

This year I’m running the first year of a BA Digital Journalism Production. If you want take advantage of the gap while it lasts, maybe it’s worth a look*

(* Shameless sales pitch)

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