The Times will eat itself

“Millions of blogs have sprung up over the last year, but a cursory search shows that the majority of their information sources lead back to mainstream media. The bloggers are seeking or delivering insight, but what they need is accurate information on whatever subject they’re interested in. Time and again, bloggers draw their readers’ attention to what they have read in papers, such as The Times.
Press Gazette

I’m assuming that this is somehow different from The Times telling people what they have read in Blogs which seems to constitute a large part of their output.

It’s different when the Times shows how “in the know” is by introducing readers to “Blogistan — the Republic of Blogs, where we are all much freer than in the real world”

I’m assuming it’s different when they put an article together about the 100 best travel websites that “leans towards “indie” websites run by enthusiasts, bloggers telling of their adventures, round-ups of handy tips, and any free and useful service.”

I’m also betting it doesn’t mention Blogistan.

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