About Andy

me online and offiline

Andy is a Senior lecturer in Journalism at Manchester Metropolitan University where he is the program lead for the MA Multimedia Journalism.

Prior to that he was part of the Media Innovation Studio team and taught Digital and Online Journalism in the Divison of Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire where they had dedicated postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Online Journalism since 1999. It means Andy has over 20 years experience, teaching, training and talking about journalism!

In the past, he’s been known to edit TV programmes and provide training for journalists and organisations making the move to digital.

  • Andy really likes Macs, but doesn’t dislike PC’s
  • Andy now mainly uses Premiere and Davinci but retains a soft spot for Avid and FCP (and tape and razor blades) – he isn’t fussy.
  • Andy uses Ghost to blog.
  • Google Analytics to manage stats and feeds.
  • He used to tweet at @digidickinson but now you can find him in lots of places. Just look for @digitaldickinson on your local social media platform.
  • He likes to take pictures and put them on Instagram
  • He does conform to the stereotype and likes sci-fi.Sadly it seems to be in the form of TV series that get cancelled after a few seasons!

In the little time he has amongst that, he is a geek.

Andy is available for help, advice, training and speaking gigs. He’d love to hear from you.

Andy would like to point out that the views expressed in this blog are his own and do not reflect the views of MMU or any other organisation you may wish to affiliate them to.

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